Mr Gay World is a public performance, a platform where we bring together men from around the world to share their struggles and their triumphs, LGBT rights and visibility. We are enablers of education.

Furthermore, Mr Gay World inspires and helps people come out of the shadow and into the light, to be their most authentic selves and be an inspiration to their own communities. Sharing a week together at the Mr Gay World competition has a profound impact and ultimately inspires them to renewed energy and passion to make their own community better.

Eric Butter

Founder, Owner and President, Mr Gay World

XOXO Foundation is an organization that MR Gay World and Mr Gay World All Stars partnered with based on shared values and objectives that the foundation strives for.

Through partnering with XOXO Foundation, Mr Gay World and Mr Gay World All Stars can reach the wider LGBTQ+ community and bring the change we need our community

Igor Scheurkogel

Chairperson, Mr Gay World

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